RYCO 24•7 in the “Golden Triangle” Transport project Hamilton Site

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The local RYCO 24•7 business, 82C Hose & Fittings, will be carrying out hose assembly and maintenance work on the Hamilton site of a large inland container port.  The project will connect Auckland, Hamilton, and Tauranga as part of an initiative to streamline freight throughout the North Island. 


As part of this project RYCO 24•7 had the chance to visit one of our biggest customers, Matamata based company "J Swap", and were lucky enough to witness their new John Deere tractor in action. The tractor is the one of the largest tractors in New Zealand and is a sight to behold. 


We look forward to being involved and supporting our customers in this project for the years to come.


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RYCO’s speed to market delivery, just improved by 60%

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RYCO’s speed to market delivery, just improved by 60%


With a 60% increase in pick per hour and a return on investment within nine months, there is little wonder why RYCO Hydraulics is calling their Automated Packing Storage and Retrieval System (APS) a global solution.


“In Melbourne alone we pick up to 1,300 work order lines and replenish up to 400 lines per day,” explains Sean Babbage, General Manager of Marketing for RYCO Hydraulics.


The motivation behind the APS came from the organisations Supply Chain Team and their intense focus on a speed to market program in 2016.


In today’s fast pace distribution environment, manufacturers and distributors are focussing on speed and accuracy to market as a key priority in meeting the expectations of customers.


“RYCO Hydraulics has a 70-year long history of innovation, continuous improvement and strong partnerships with its employees, suppliers and customers. Our focus has always been on delivering high quality products on time, every time one of our client’s orders from us,” said Mr Babbage.


RYCO installed the computer controlled APS in their warehouses in Victoria, Western Australia and South Africa over the past year. “We deliver our first US APS within the next month, and see this as a global solution,” explains Mr Babbage.

The APS provides a speed and accuracy to RYCO’s pick and pack network that maximises efficiency and speed that delivers well beyond any manual system.


“The system has comprehensive suite of applications designed for efficient inventory handling and improving transaction, visibility and speed.


Melbourne was the first warehouse to receive the new system, which freed up 100 square metres from the long span racking system the organisation used to use.


RYCO JSEAL is the new Standard in JIC fittings. Click for more information JSEAL


For more information about RYCO and their products, visit the RYCO website, or call 1300 111 247. /


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RYCO 24•7 Big Booty Judy (BBJ) is back for 2017 and ready to rumble!

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Big Booty Judy (BBJ) is back for 2017 and ready to rumble!

The RYCO 24•7 and Hose Connections Inc. drag car fondly known as BBJ hit the Martin Michigan race track this past weekend for the first time this season.

Owners and drivers, Dave and Ryan Hill (father and son) are back along with the entire race team to ensure BBJ puts on a great performance at every race she attends during the 2017 season.

“We qualified number 2 out of 40 cars and came in second place for the overall race weekend just missing 1st place by a few thousands of a second. We are excited to work with RYCO 24•7 and help promote their business,” said Ryan Hill. “Fast, reliable service is just as important in the on-site hydraulic hose replacement industry as it is in drag racing, so it’s a fitting partnership.”

Just in case you do not recognize BBJ’s curves, she is based on a 2002 Pontiac Firebird and for those unfamiliar with this iconic American muscle car she is shaped like a wedge with a large rear end…hence the nickname that she is fondly referred to at every race she attends.

While she may resemble the look of a Firebird on the outside, it also has to be said that looks can be deceiving as there is nothing on this car that is original. BBJ is a supercharged, methanol-burning door slammer capable of covering the quarter-mile in six seconds at over 220 mph.

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RYCO 24.7 1st XV Rugby Sponsorship New Zealand

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RYCO 24.7 1st XV Rugby Sponsorship New Zealand


RYCO 24•7 is the platinum sponsor of the Waimea Combined Schools 1st XV Rugby team, New Zealand.


The team is doing very well in the competition with some impressive wins; showing determination and strike power to get the job done. We are proud to be a part of their campaign and wish them all the best with the remainder of the season.


This sponsorship is a combined initiative by RYCO 24•7 Nelson and RYCO 24•7 Canterbury.


(Picture taken outside of our RYCO 24•7 Nelson franchise)

RYCO 24•7 Expands in Northwest Indiana

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RYCO 24•7 Expands in Northwest Indiana


Formed in 2000, Hose Connections Inc. started off as just a small hose shop. Today, Hose Connections is becoming the premier leader in the hydraulics industry with locations in Hammond, IN and Michigan City, IN as well as a fleet of mobile hose shops providing RYCO 24•7 onsite hose replacement in the region. “We are a one-stop-shop offering quality hydraulic and pneumatic products and services. At Hose Connections we take pride in the fact that we not only meet, but exceed our customers' expectations,” says owner Ray Dills. “The RYCO 24•7 program was a natural fit for us as our customers started asking for an on-site solution for costly equipment downtime resulting from a failed hydraulic hose.”


Hose Connections Inc., in conjunction with the International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) and RYCO 24•7, is also committed to having the most knowledgeable staff in the greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana area. “I recently had the pleasure of working with some of the Hose Connection team members to support them in becoming IFPS Connector and Conductor Certified,” said Gwyn O’Kane, Business Development Manager for RYCO 24•7. “IFPS C&C Certification requires passing a 3-hour written test as well as a 3-hour practical test and provides an objective, third party assessment of an individual’s technical skill level. It is proof to our customers that certified RYCO 24•7 operators are professionals within the fluid power industry.”


About RYCO 24•7

RYCO 24•7 is a global brand dedicated to providing over-the-counter service through our network of Hose Service Centers and 24•7 on-site service via our Mobile Connector Specialists. Industries served include construction, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, marine, mining, defense and much more.


For more information on RYCO's 24•7 mobile service division and available business opportunities, visit

RYCO 24•7 Rotorua New Zealand Opening

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RYCO 24•7 Rotorua New Zealand Opening


We are happy to welcome Rotorua, New Zealand to the RYCO 24•7 family with the introduction of two Mobile Connector Specialists (MCS), located at 5/1 Hyland Crescent, Mangakkahi Rotorua, New Zealand.


Cain McKenzie is the director and MCS operator of the RYCO 24•7 Rotorua branch. Cain comes to RYCO 24•7 with a solid understanding of machinery from working in the mines of Australia.


Cain is supported by his team including Pip Star who brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in hose and fittings as well as MCS operations.


Since starting RYCO 24.7 Cain and his team have received a great response and is growing the business well.


We wish RYCO 24•7 Rotorua all the best and look forward to seeing them grow with RYCO 24.7.

RYCO 24•7 - Young Entrepreneur Launches 24•7 business in Houston

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RYCO 24•7 - Young Entrepreneur Launches 24•7 business in Houston (In business for himself, but not by himself)


May 1, 2017 - RYCO 24•7 Katy Frwy, operated by Central Hydraulic Supply, opens for business and 26 year old owner, Ben Pacheco, launches his entrepreneurial future. Ben and his team join RYCO 24•7 Greens Rd in providing service to customers in the region needing an on-site hydraulic hose replacement service to address costly equipment downtime.


Ben, a graduate of LSU with a degree in Business Management, is no stranger to fluid power having worked in the industry as a Territory Manager for several years. “I wanted to be in business for myself “, said Pacheco. “I have a brother who is a successful RYCO distributor and together we investigated the RYCO 24•7 program. We had no experience in operating mobile hose workshops so it made absolute sense for us to leverage the RYCO 24•7 system and particularly in areas including the van set-up, training, marketing, procedures and on-going support”.


“RYCO 24•7 is about keeping industry moving and saving our customers money with an on-site solution for failed hydraulic hoses”, says Gwyn O’Kane, Business Development Manager for RYCO 24•7. “Customers must keep equipment moving and they want to be able to pick up the phone and have a hose shop dispatched with a mechanic on board who can take care of the problem 24 hours 365 days”.


As a business opportunity, the RYCO 24•7 program provides the framework to enter into this rapidly growing service industry. RYCO 24•7 can provide a turn-key program for our existing distributors, a roadmap for those looking to start a new business or a growth opportunity for those in a related business looking to expand their current business offerings.


About RYCO and RYCO 24•7

RYCO has built a strong reputation since it commenced manufacturing hydraulic hose and fittings and other products over 70 years ago. Today our comprehensive range of quality RYCO products is supported by a network of dynamic and committed distributors across the world.


RYCO 24•7 is a global brand dedicated to providing over-the-counter service through our network of Hose Service Centers and 24•7 on-site service via our Mobile Connector Specialists. Industries served include construction, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, marine, mining, defense and much more. For more information on RYCO's 24•7 mobile service division and available business opportunities, visit

RYCO 24•7 Houston, Texas - Grand Opening November 1, 2016

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HOUSTON, Texas – RYCO Hydraulics announced the November 1 opening of RYCO 24•7 Greens Road in Houston, Texas. This marks the first RYCO 24•7 location in Houston as the company continues its expansion across North America.


RYCO 24•7 brings years of success in Australia and New Zealand to the Houston market. The Houston location is the company’s first location in Texas, and the fifth location in North America.


Located at 1616 Greens Road in North Houston, the Houston location features a Service Center combined with Mobile Service Vans. The Service Center will offer counter service Monday through Friday for those in need of replacement parts; while the Mobile Service Vans will serve Houston-area customers in need of immediate hose repairs 24 hours, 7 days per week.


RYCO 24•7 answers the call for customers in need of immediate hydraulic hose service. We offer a complete service package including hydraulic hose replacement, hose assemblies and hose fittings for all types of hydraulic systems. Our comprehensive range of quality RYCO products and extensive market coverage help reduce the economic impact of costly machine downtime and ensure reliable service every time.


“The RYCO 24•7 service is similar to having a hose shop at your job site with a Mobile Connector Specialist (MCS) on board to attend to your broken down machine. MCS’s can remove the failed hose, manufacture a replacement assembly on-site, re-install the new hose, check the oil level and help clean up the mess to get you up and going and reduce your downtime”, said Gordon Duff, Senior Vice President.


In addition to the new location, RYCO 24•7 is now offering business opportunities in the United States. RYCO 24•7 offers motivated individuals, partners or current business owners the opportunity to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves, utilizing the successful RYCO 24•7 business model.


No matter the industry - mining, marine, agriculture, defense, construction, industrial or utilities - the team at RYCO 24•7 will be on hand anywhere, anytime, to offer professional assistance.



RYCO Hydraulics successfully set out to enhance its distribution base and set up an entirely new Mobile Service Division, RYCO 24•7. Today, RYCO 24•7 has extensive coverage worldwide specializing in hydraulic hose, fittings, service and replacement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. RYCO 24•7 actively supports and services national contracts and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in industries covering mining, agriculture, marine, construction, defense and industrial markets. For more information on RYCO's 24•7 mobile service division and available business opportunities, visit


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